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Mycology and Plant Pathology (SLAMPP) +94 81 239 4526/4532

Founder President’s Message

It is indeed a privilege for me to write this message on the occasion of launching the Website of the Sri Lanka Association for Mycology and Plant Pathology (SLAMPP).

SLAMPP was founded on 14th September 2007 at an inaugural meeting, held at the Department of Botany, University of Peradeniya, with the participation of twenty one Plant Pathologists and Mycologists and another twenty in absentia, fulfilling a long-felt need of the profession. Being a professional Association, the main objective of the SLAMPP is to promote advancement and disseminate of knowledge in Mycology and Plant Pathology and act as the official mouthpiece of the Mycology and Plant Pathology community in Sri Lanka.

SLAMPP is an Associate Member of the International Society of Plant Pathology (ISPP), the umbrella organization of Plant Pathology Societies worldwide. The Association is also a member of the ISPP Council and part of its decision making process, enjoying voting rights in important decisions including the hosting country of the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) and election of a new President for ISPP in every five years. SLAMPP is also a full member of the regional bodies, the Asian Mycological Association (AMA) and the Association of Asian Societies of Plant Pathology (AASPP).

Plant Pathology and Mycology as a practice began in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) during British rule, in 19th century. Prior to this, there had been an awareness of plant disease but the causes of plant disease have been attributed to various invisible forces, the evil influences of stars or the wrath of gods. The first scientific approach on a plant disease in the country was following the mysterious appearance of coffee rust disease in 1869 which ruined the once flourishing coffee plantations in the central hills. Today Plant Pathology and Mycology are practiced in Sri Lanka as a science at a high level of professionalism.

Joining our Association provides members with a competitive advantage because they become active, informed and a part of the professional community of their discipline. It is the best way of connecting with others who share the same interests and passion. I earnestly request you to obtain the membership of the SLAMPP and be engaged in its activities.

The Website that is launched will open up the SLAMPP to the world and provide the Mycologists and Pathologists from different facets, a common forum for interacting and mutually sharing experience, information and latest findings. The professionals of the Association shoulder a mammoth task of maintaining the country’s plant health and understanding the diversity and benefits of the native fungal flora to the mankind. Considering the diversity and the magnitude of global activities in Mycology and Plant Pathology, the Website will have an endless inflow of new information to be shared by the membership and the public.

I invite everyone to contribute to and visit the SLAMPP website